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Laughter Yoga - June 2018

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The Barlaston Heron WI ladies left their June meeting with aching sides! This was due to Kathy delivering a lively session of 'laughter yoga'. She warmed the members up nicely with a range of activities designed to encourage laughter. Kathy explained the benefits of laughter including stress busting qualities and the use of the body's rest and recovery system. Ten minutes of laughing is equivalent to ten minutes on a rowing machine and all the ladies agreed they would much prefer giggling their way to a healthier lifestyle. Everyone took part in a number of laughing activities and finished the session of yoga on meditation and quiet reflection. It was a thoroughly fun evening that had everyone smiling and feeling better!

Paper flowers from the kitchen - May 2018

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An amazing evening was had by the Barlaston Herons WI on Tuesday 15th May as they put their creativity to the test by making stunning paper flowers. Gaynor came and gave a detailed demonstration that the ladies found easy to follow. All you need is some napkins, wire and green tape to create these impressive flowers! The napkins are stacked on top of each other and folded like a fan before simply cutting the edges to create the shape of petals. The wire is then used to secure the paper before fanning it out. The flower is then finished and secured by the tape. The results were fantastic and the ladies had a lovely time chatting whilst crafting.

The business section of the meeting was undertaken after some delicious homemade cakes and refreshments. There are many upcoming events including walks, theatre visits, County Show, Staffordshire Federation meetings and even the opportunity to do clog dancing!

Community news focused on the Open Gardens in July, the Barlaston Afternoon WI's fashion show on the 22nd June and a cricket match for the older community on the 9th June at Barlaston Cricket Club.

AFM - Quiz night - April 2018

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The Barlaston Herons WI opened their AGM with all the ladies singing Jerusalem. It was also lovely to welcome some of the afternoon Barlaston WI to the meeting. Reports were written and delivered by the President, Secretary and Treasurer with a focus on celebrating all the varied opportunities and speakers that have been enjoyed throughout the year. Thanks were given to Sam and Sara as they step down as President and Secretary and the all important vote for the new President was taken! The successful candidate was Sue Laird and the ladies are looking forward to supporting her in the upcoming year.

The business part of the meeting covered upcoming events including a theatre trip, walk and environmental ideas for reducing using plastic. The ladies agreed on supporting the WI resolution in improving support for mental health issues.

The Committee thanked the members by serving them a homemade cream tea. The meeting ended with a fun quiz on chocolate and music that certainly got the ladies scratching their heads.

Parkinsons, better lives together - March 2018

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An informative and heartwarming evening was had by the ladies of Barlaston Herons WI as they gained an insight into life with Parkinson's Disease. John Mills and his wife, Jane, discussed what life was like with Parkinson's Disease and how to care for someone that has the disease. This hard topic was addressed with openness and humour. John highlighted a few facts such as one in every 350 will get Parkinson's Disease and that there are 3200 people in North Staffordshire with Parkinson's Disease. The symptoms were discussed and ways to adapt were put forward. John shared how he has tackled his symptoms and what support he taps into including the Parkinson's nurses and online support groups.

One of own members, Vicki, stood up and briefly opened up about being diagnosed at the age of 44 and offered her own insight into her journey at the very start of Parkinson's.

The ladies had an opportunity to ask questions and lead an open discussion.

The meeting finished with the usual business and lovely homemade cakes and refreshments. Many exciting events are upcoming including First Aid courses, walk at Denston, County Show competition and even oak clog dancing! 


Take your partners - Feb 2018

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The Barlaston Herons had an energetic meeting on Tuesday 20th February with some fun country folk dancing with Geoff Payne and his wife guiding the ladies through their moves. The ladies had a full hour of dancing to a traditional vibe, learning four dances. Some of the dances were as a whole group and some in small groups. The ladies regularly exchanged partners and enjoyed a little gossip when they could! Everyone really enjoyed the evening and thoroughly threw themselves into it.

There was also an extra celebration as the Barlaston Herons WI celebrated their 5th birthday! Sue, one of our members, baked a fabulous fruit cake and the ladies sang a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday.

Fun and Games - Jan 2018

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What a start to 2018! The Barlaston Herons WI met on the 16th January and had a very entertaining evening playing a range of games. The ladies started on a few rounds of snowman drive, a winters twist on beetle drive, with the winners and losers moving tables after each round so everyone got chance to have a chat and catch up with each other. Some members then got out their favourite games to share including dominoes and triominoes to really get the competitive juices flowing!

The evening was completed with wonderful homemade cakes and a lovely cup of tea or coffee. The business part of the meeting was certainly busy with a raft of events heading the way of the ladies. Theatre trips, quizzes, camping, the County Show, walking and even a canal barge holiday are on the horizon for any member to get involved with.

Christmas Party - December 2017

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The ladies of Barlaston Herons enjoyed a busy Christmas Party at their December meeting. With the sock swap, handmade hamper swap, bring and share buffet and the reveal for next year's programme. We are all looking forward to another year of friendship and fun, do pop along and visit us if you might be interested in joining. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Crafts - November 2017

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It is that time of year again when we all start to feel a little festive and look forward to Christmas. The ladies at Barlaston Herons WI certainly got in the festive mood for their November meeting as we were making Christmas crafts. The members had done their bit for the environment and had saved all their plastic milk bottle tops. These were then used to create a range of Christmas cards, wreaths and hangings. The evening was well organised and it was fantastic to learn a new skill together. We followed the clear instructions and supported each other along the way. Many of the members took their crafts home to complete so the crafting fun can continue! It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening with crafts, friends and (of course) the homemade cakes and refreshments.

Crystal Energies - October 2017

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Penny Rowley was the interesting speaker for October and the evening just flew by. She was very informative and explained all about crystals and what they can offer.

Crystals and minerals are found within the crust of the earth and are naturally occurring. There are over 250,000 crystals and minerals and many offer a range of benefits. A couple of examples include Lapis Lazuli that many believe brings wisdom, Carnelian can aid stamina and confidence. Penny explained that all crystals can help to remove negativity. She went on to highlight where you can purchase crystals and how you can energise them and look after them. A thoroughly fascinating evening!

Wooden House craft Workshop

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A wonderful morning was had by ten of the Barlaston Herons and their families on the 7th October at Barlaston Village Hall. Sam, the President, ran a seaside cottage craft workshop and had the ladies sanding, staining, painting, hammering and drilling. The result was some fantastic little cottages that everyone was proud of! It was a lovely social event and everyone chatted whilst they worked. There was, of course, the usual homemade refreshments to enjoy.